How to Hire Tech Talent When You’re Recruiting Virtually

We’ve interviewed top CTOs, hiring managers, and employees from local Charlotte companies, and we’re sharing their tips for virtual recruiting success.

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Founder Fellowships: Free Co-Working Space in a Post COVID-19 World

Packard Place Fellowships allow new Founders to become part of Charlotte’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem without membership fees or rentals to help startup companies succeed and thrive.

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Access to Capital Small Business Recovery Program

The Access to Capital Small Business Recovery Program aims to provide funding rapidly, accessibly, and equitably for Charlotte’s diverse small business community.

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How to Source and Recruit Tech Talent During a Pandemic

Technology roles from programmers to information technology and project managers are continuing to be in high demand and can be done remotely. But how do you find this talent now?

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#31DaysofBiz | Queen’s Popsicle

Queen’s Popsicle is not just another popsicle business. We’re here to bring a unique experience to the residents of Charlotte by uniting the diversity that exists in the community through a True Royal Flavor.

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#31DaysofBiz | Speech Therapy Zone, PLLC

#31DaysofBiz Day 2: Better Bodies 4 Us, LLC is an award-nominated private practice specializing in family-centered speech and language therapy services.

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#31DaysofBiz | Mom and Pop’s Print Shop

#31DaysofBiz Day 3: Mom and Pop’s Print Shop has been your Charlotte area, family-owned and operated design and print studio Since 2011.

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#31DaysofBiz | Better Bodies 4 Us, LLC

#31DaysofBiz Day 4: Better Bodies 4 Us, LLC offers “mobile” youth fitness classes, a literacy program for K-2 children, and onsite corporate fitness classes for adults.

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#31DaysofBiz | Carolina Pest Management

#31DaysofBiz Day 5: Carolina Pest Management is a full-service pest control company providing cutting edge pest, termite, mosquito, and moisture control services to residential and commercial customers in NC and SC.

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#31DaysofBiz | Amped Events

#31DaysofBiz Day 6: Amped Events provides products ranging from apparel to license plates featuring customers’ personalization, logo, and social media information.

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